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Sights of NWFP

Welcome to 'Sights of NWFP', a gallery of beautiful sights that I have captured on film during my travels in North West Frontier Province (NWFP) Pakistan. Brief descriptions of the places that I have visited, and other related links and information is also part of this site, however, since this site is primarily a gallery of photographs and not a tourist information site or a travel guide, there are few words and many pictures here. The descriptions of the places are very Brief and are based on my personal observations. If you need more information about (some of) these places, you can follow the links given under the  "Links" section.

Although there are many places of tourist interest in NWFP, I have only listed the places that I have visited and photographed. Most of my travels have been in the beautiful Kaghan valley, therefore, information and pictures of that valley constitute major part of this site. Pictures of a few other areas in NWFP that I have visited are posted under the relevant sections.

I hope you will enjoy your stay at 'Sights of NWFP'. For comments and suggestions, please see contact information below.


Sights of Kaghan Valley

Sights of Swat Valley


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